Distributors of Newcandescent® Light Bulbs

Bright Lights USA, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of Newcandescent® long-lasting and environmentally safe rough service incandescent light bulbs and flood lights.

Newcandescent® products can be purchased from a local retail dealer near you (click on "Retail Dealers" above), or online from one of our retail dealer's websites (click on "Retail Orders" above).


Newcandescent® Features & Benefits;


10,000 hour average life (9.13 years @ 3 hours a day)

    1 bulb = 12 standard bulbs

Triple alloy tungsten filament, mounted with 7 supports

Glass thicker than standard bulbs

Excellent lumen maintenance

Non-sticking brass base prevents corrosion

Rough service 130 volt

100% incandescent light

Environmentally safe

    No special disposal required

    Contains krypton gas (No mercury, lead or arsenic)

Proudly 100% Made in the U.S.A. 


Newcandescent® Applications;


General lighting for home and business

Hard to reach locations

Rough service areas

    Where vibrations, shocks and power surges might occur


 Experience the warm, soft glow of Newcandescent® light bulbs.