Distributors of Incandescent Light Bulbs Made in the U.S.A.

Bright Lights USA, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of  long-lasting and environmentally safe rough service incandescent light bulbs and flood lights that are made in the U.S.A.. Bulbs are also available online.


Bright Lights AMERICAN and Newcandescent®* brand products can be purchased from a local retail dealer near you (click here ), and Bright Lights AMERICAN bulbs are available online at our Retail Orders page (click here).


Features & Benefits;

  • 10,000 hour average life (9.13 years @ 3 hrs a day)

  • Tungsten filament, mounted on 7 supports

  • Glass thicker than standard bulbs

  • Excellent lumen maintenance

  • Non-sticking brass base prevents corrosion

  • Rough service 130 volt

  • Maximum color rendering (100 cri)

  • Natural warm, soft glow (2700k)

  • Environmentally safe                                                                   No special disposal required                                        No mercury, lead or arsenic

  • Made in the U.S.A. 


  • General lighting for home and business

  • Hard to reach locations

  • Rough service areas                                                                  Where vibrations, shocks and power surges          might occur


 Experience the warm, soft glow of  long lasting, environmentally safe incandescent light bulbs.

*You will notice a mix of brands at some retail dealers served by Bright Lights USA. The Newcandescent® brand light bulbs have not been manufactured for some time now, and we are no longer distributing the brand, but they are still available at some dealers.

Those bulbs are being replaced with our own Bright Lights AMERICAN brand, from two different United States manufacturers. They are all 130v rough service, guaranteed 10,000 hour incandescents, with brass bases and extra filament mounts.


As retail supplies of Newcandescent® brand bulbs are depleted some of them will not be able to be replaced by the Bright Lights AMERICAN brand.

Bulbs not being replaced are; 150w A-21, 75w and 100w A-23, 200w and 300w PS25, and the 75w BR30 and 75w BR40 floods, and any frosted glass bulbs. All of them are no longer being manufactured in the United States.

Retail dealers have varying stocks of Newcandescent bulbs, so please check with a retail dealer near you...or call us toll-free at 1-866-341-0108.

Contact us:

Bright Lights USA, Inc.

414 Briarwood Drive
Cleveland, GA 30528

Phone:   866-341-0108 (toll-free)
Fax:        706-400-4450 /348-7499 

E-mail:  info@brightlights-inc.com

Our Business Hours

Monday - Friday  9am - 5pm

Saturday & Sunday - Closed

What's New?

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